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22/01/2013 SWH About Us

This page will share some stories of  people living with herpes.Their experiences,feelings,relationships and their daily life.

1,Be careful in your decisions
When I was 15 I was diagnosed with herpes in the mouth and on the vagina.. I was dateing my ex boyfriend for a total of 3 months and had sex with him.. First time ever having sex with a person! I still have not forgiven him and nor do I think I ever will! He still refuses to this day to think that he gave it to me he states “I gave it to my self” HOW THE HELL DO U DO THAT!!! I would go back in time to never meet him.. I am right now in my life Falling in love with a guy named Brandon.. But I don’t know how to tell him! I’m afraid if I tell him he won’t want to talk to me any more.. I hate having herpes! I gues what I’m trying to say is be carful with who you chose you never know who has what! I never thought I would ever have this disease!! But open your eyes bc you definitely can!!

2,Its a part of me!
Writing this I have an attack. A bad one but then again I did not have one for about 3 months. I was diagnosed at around 19 and so was my friend.. we slept with a guy at the same time who had it. Just a bit of fun that ruined my whole life. Although I am in my forties and have 3 kids who are all healthy. And a lovely husband. I have to be careful to look after myself, get enough sleep, eat well, de-stress myself. Cos the lesions move around and pop up in a few different places. It has changed my life and makes me feel dirty when I get it. You just have to get on with your life and dont be depressed about it. -Sandra

3,Living A Lie
I am a 45 female who was diagnosed with herpes in 1992, and have been living with it . I contracted herpes from a guy I dated and was sexually active and he was very promiscuous. I didn’t know about his risky behavior. I have been having sex and using condoms, however, with the man I’m seeing now he didn’t use a condom as we normally use, I was terrified because he didn’t let me know and I have not given him my status. I have one breakout every six months or once a year. I’m ashamed of it , but I’ve learned to cope with it. Just make sure you use protection at all times and take your medication. You’ll be ok, trust God not man.-Eam

4,Hopeful but accepted
I’m currently waiting for results as to whether I have genital herpes. When I got swabbed today, I cried. It hurt like hell and this whole process is crap. Apparently if it is herpes then this is my first episode, so it will get better. It won’t hurt this much again. Peeing is horrific. I won’t be dramatic like some people but it’s worse than any water infection I’ve had. I have to clench my teeth while I pee. Honestly, it’s horrible. I’ve done a lot of reading today and after thinking, this morning that it would be the end of the world, I’ve actually come to terms with it. I’ve accepted that it’s more than definately GH so I’m not going to stress because apparently that can trigger it off again. I’m going to start taking Vitamin E because that helps your immune response. I’m currently taking the medication for it. 5 tablets a day for 5 days, urgh. Definitely going to effect me for the rest of my life but hopefully not too much. Moral of the story: Use protection! Seriously…-Anxious

To be continued.


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